Welcome to TheSeasonedTrekker.com Outdoor Adventures and Explorations for Mature Adults

Welcome to theseasonedtrekker.com, I am your blog host Sherrie Knoepfel. I primarily created this blog for mature adults that enjoy hiking and exploring the diverse and beautiful lands of our great country.  However, my topics are informative for anyone that enjoys the GREAT outdoors!

Sherrie on the Boulders Trail Payson, AZ

I decided to begin blogging for three reasons;

(1) – to share useful information related to my adventures that would assist folks with their own trip planning;

(2) – to educate and challenge myself to stay abreast of the latest technological trends and advancements related to internet communications, and

(3) – to document my outdoor experiences for the enjoyment of others.

I am excited to begin a new adventure at this time in my life called “Retirement.”  I hope you will join me while I explore, discover, decompress, and blog about the great outdoors and all its wonders! So, thanks for reading my Blog, and I hope you find the posts relevant and interesting. 

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